Product Name: RFID Plant Tags


RFID plant tag is made of ABS and PVC material. Features of waterproof, it can work in humid environment, very durable and stable. Insert the tag into soil besides a plant, the tag can record the plant’s growth status, and update the on-time figure into RFID system for analysis.

Normally, RFID tag is combined with photography technology to monitor plants growth, which is very common and effective way for plants study project. The cameras are responsible for updating the plants growing picture from different angles, like leaf size, plants height, blooming condition, etc.

The computer would analyze the data from RFID plant tags and pictures from cameras to conclude whether the plant is healthy or not, whether need to spray water or offer fertilizer, by which to manage big quantity of plants to grow in good condition and get a good harvest.

1. Product Name: RFID Plant Tag
2. Material: PP
3. Frequency: 915MHz
4. Chip: G2XM
5. Memory: 880 bits
6. Dimension: Tag Plate: 100*60*3mm Tag Pole: 300*20*3mm Total Length: 360mm
7. Reading distance: 11-13 on reader, 3m on handheld device (depending on reading device)
8. Working Temperature: -20~60℃

1. Water-proof, moisture-proof, sun-proof, pressure-proof, anti-vibration, anti-erosion.
2. Applicable in outdoor or greenhouse environment, read and write stably.
3. Bright color, can be easily identified visually.
4. Oblique cut treatment of the tag bottom facilitates it to be inserted into soil easily.
5. The tag is up to 300mm, with high stability after inserting into the soil.
6. Reusable RFID tags

Collect various data of plant in related zone, can be applied in cultivation of flowers, plotted plants, vegetables, fruits, drugs, and in classification of the soil.