What is RFID Reader ?

RFID reader(radio frequency identification reader), a kind of card reader, is a RFID signal receiving device, which can match the software and other RFID devices to realize the function of transfer the RF signal and electronic signal into each other.

Compared with a normal barcode reader, it is contactless and faster responding. It can be divided into LF reader, HF reader and UHF reader. Newbega accepts the appearance and function customizing. Click the following “Inquire Now” button to contact us now!

AppearanceModelTypeFrequencyChip typeSizeWeight
rfid tag readerR20DRead Only125 KHZTK4001, EM4100104×68×10mm140g
R20DC125 KHZ, 13.56 MHZTK4001, EM4100, ISO14443A Mifare 1K, etc,.
R20H125 KHZHid card
R20C13.56 MHZISO14443A Mifare 1K, etc,.
W20ARead and Write
W20QISO14443A, ISO14443B, ISO15693
rfid readerR20XDRead Only125 KHZTK4001, EM410094×60×10mm130g
R20XC13.56 MHZISO14443A Mifare 1K, etc,.
card readersR90DRead Only125 KHZTK4001, EM4100133×80×16mm120g
smart rfid card readerW10ARead and Write13.56MHZISO14443A Mifare 1K, etc,.110×80×26mm160g
smart tag readerR60DRead Only125 KHZTK4001, EM410075×21×7mm10g
rfid card readersR65DRead Only125 KHZTK4001, EM410035×35×8mm20g
R65C13.56 MHZISO14443A Mifare 1K, etc,.
tag readersR17DRead and Write915 MHZISO 18000-6C(EPC GEN2)94×60×10mm100g

Product Exhibition

13.56 MKZ RFID Reader
125 KHZ Reader
UHF Reader