125 KHZ RFID Reader, also called the LF RFID reader or the low frequency RFID reader, is a card reader that works in the low-frequency HF band. It is mainly used in short-distance, low-cost applications, such as access control, campus cards, gas meters, water meters, and so on.

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AppearanceModelTypeFrequencyChip typeSizeWeight
rfid tag readerR20DRead Only125 KHZTK4001, EM4100104×68×10mm140g
R20DC125 KHZ, 13.56 MHZTK4001, EM4100, ISO14443A Mifare 1K, etc,.
R20H125 KHZHid card
R20C13.56 MHZISO14443A Mifare 1K, etc,.
W20ARead and Write
W20QISO14443A, ISO14443B, ISO15693
rfid readerR20XDRead Only125 KHZTK4001, EM410094×60×10mm130g
R20XC13.56 MHZISO14443A Mifare 1K, etc,.
card readersR90DRead Only125 KHZTK4001, EM4100133×80×16mm120g
smart rfid card readerW10ARead and Write13.56MHZISO14443A Mifare 1K, etc,.110×80×26mm160g
smart tag readerR60DRead Only125 KHZTK4001, EM410075×21×7mm10g
rfid card readersR65DRead Only125 KHZTK4001, EM410035×35×8mm20g
R65C13.56 MHZISO14443A Mifare 1K, etc,.
tag readersR17DRead and Write915 MHZISO 18000-6C(EPC GEN2)94×60×10mm100g

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