Slim Access Card Reader for RFID Access Control

Additional Product Parameters

FrequencyFunctionQuiescent CurrentWorking VoltageBuilt-in Horn
125KHzID Card Identification≤25mA(EM&ID)DC12V±10%Buzzer, able to control LED and buzzer
ProtocolWorking TemperatureOperating HumidityWarrantyMOQ
ISO 7816/ 11784 / 11785-20℃ to 50℃0 to 95%1 Year1000pcs

LR004 RFID Access Card Reader Introduction

The LR004 RFID access card reader, composed of a basic circuit and built-in high integration microcontroller, owns the high-strength PC plastic shell. It supports EM and ID cards’ reading, and its system safety and dependability are high. Besides, it is low-cost and durable.

Simply speaking, it is an ideal access control device for the business building, community, private house, etc. Here are some details about this reader below:

Operation Details:
  • Swipe the hotel key card, and the indicator light goes green, the access card reader emits continuous beep. Then the indicator light will turn red, and the Wiegand signal will be simultaneously output.
  • The indicator light turns green when the LED line is lowered, while turns red when the LED line is raised.
  • The buzzer sounds when the BZ line is lowered, and it will return normal if the BZ line is dropped for more than 30 seconds or set higher.
Wiegand Data:

The Wiegand format of the card reader can be adjusted to meet the needs of the customer. The Wiegand format ranges from 26 to 37 bits. According to the set format, the EM card and Mifare card produce 26 to 37bit Wiegand format. HID cards ignore factory settings and automatically output Wiegand 26 to 37 bits in card format.

Wiegand signal data line 0 is represented by the green line D0, and data line 1 is represented by the white line D1. The output data is usually represented as high level, low level. The pulse width at the low level is 40us, and the pulse width interval is 2ms. The waveform of data “0101” is shown in the diagram below:rfid reader waveform


Access Card Reader Production Process

access control reader production line
rfid reader production line
access control reader production process

How to Install the Access Card Reader?

access control reader installation step 1
Step 1: Drill installation holes

The punch sticker should be placed on the wall. Using a percussion drill, drill 2 x Φ6mm installation holes to a depth of 27mm.

access control reader installation step 2
Step 2: Drill the hole for outlet

Drill Φ10mm hole for the outlet with a depth that is appropriate for the actual situation of the electric lines.

access control reader installation step 3
Step 3: Click expansion rubbers

Two accessory expansion rubbers should be inserted into the installation holes.

access control reader installation step 4
Step 4: Fix the back shell

2KA4*25 self-tapping screws are used to secure the back shell to the wall. (The self-prepared percussion drill, hammer, and screwdriver in figures 2, 3, and 4 should be used.)

access control reader installation step 5
Step 5: Connect cables

Connect the required wires by passing the outlet cables through the 10mm hole. (Isolate the cables that aren’t in use with insulating tape.)

access control reader installation step 6
Step 6: Install the front shell
Placing the front shell on top of the back shell is
a good idea. Install the 3*8 screw from the 
device’s bottom and tighten it with a screwdriver.

N-LR004 Access Card Reader Wires & Instruction

Serial No. Color Definition Instruction
Red +12V Positive pole
Black GND Negative pole
Green D0 Wiegand output
White D1 Wiegand output
Brown LED Green LED control input
Yellow BZ Buzzer control input

N-LR004 Access Card Reader Packing List

① Card Reader*1

② Punch sticker*1

③ User Manual*1

④ Self tapping screw KA4*25mm*2

⑤ Expansion rubber bung Φ6*24mm*2

access control rfid reader packing list

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