USB Interface Non-contact LF RFID Readers for Gym Membership Management System

Additional Product Parameters

FrequencyFunctionReading RangeWorking VoltageBuilt-in Horn
125KHzRead Only0-8cm5VBuzzer, able to control LED and buzzer
ProtocolWorking CurrencyCommunication InterfaceWarrantyMOQ
ISO 7816/ 11784 / 11785100mAUSB Interface1 Year1000pcs

LF RFID Reader Features Display

The N-LR001 LF RFID reader, a commonly used low frequency smart membership card reader, has the auto input function. When the smart card is close to the card reader, the card number will be automatically input into the computer, no need a keyboard.

Compared with the previous barcode membership card whose barcode is easily scratched after a long time use, which may make the scanner unable to recognize it; while there is no such concern about the contactless smart card like N-LR001 LF RFID reader.

Futhermore, the barcode card is more likely to be stolen and brushed since the barcode is easy to be copied, so its security is low; while the card number of the contactless smart membership card is stored in the chip for high security.

LF RFID Reader Features Display

lf rfid reader features
lf rfid reader buzzer
lf rfid reader bottom side

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