Acrylic Panel Contactless Smart HF RFID Reader for RFID Membership Card Reading at Internet Cafe & Gym Android Cell Phone Supported

Additional Product Parameters

0.15(W)13.56 MHzRead
ISO 14443A1 Year1000pcs

N-HR001 HF RFID Reader Introduction

The N-HR001 HF RFID reader is based on the ISO14443A international standard protocol. The non-contact smart IC card read-only HF RFID reader adopts the LED light board design and acrylic panel, which is more beautiful in visual effect and stabler and more accurate in performance. During use, you can plug in (plug and play) freely, no need for an external power supply. Users do not need to load any hf rfid reader


Device Connection:

This RFID reader can be connected with both the Android cell phones and the computers. 

Note: an OTG adapter cable is needed when it is connected with an Android mobile phone.

Product Applications:

Nowadays, these HF RFID readers have been widely used in the high-end clubs, member management, KTV, film system, catering system, office / mall center storage box security control, various anti-counterfeiting systems and production process control, data collection, and other fields.


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