What are Special Tag Readers?

The tag reader usually just reads the UID number of the card or tag. If we want to perform more operations on the RFID chip, we need to use the tag readers with some special functions. And these tag readers are called the special tag readers or special card readers.

You can check the following special function examples:

1. can read chips whose protocol is FDX-B at 134.2KHz, and the application scenarios include animal glass tube labels;
2. can rewrite the card chip EM4305 into FDX-B format;
3. can copy low-frequency chip cards and high-frequency chip cards, the chips that are often copied are EM4100, Mifare 1K, UID changeable chips, and even encrypted Mifare 1K cards;
4. can write URLs, texts in the NFC chip (our software supports batch writing), then we only need to move the card close to the NFC-enabled mobile phone to enter the stored website. 

Common Tag Readers Models
Appearance Model Type Frequency Chip type Size Weight
n-hr001 card reader N-HR001 Read Only 13.56MHz Mifare Classic 1K/4K, ISO 14443A chip 105mm×65mm×15mm 200g
n-hr003 card reader N-HR003 104mm*68mm*13mm
n-hr004 card reader N-HR004 Mifare Classic 1K/Ntag213/Ultralight EV1, etc. 110mm*80mm*26mm 100g
rfid card reader N-LR001 Read Only 125KHz EM4100, EM4200 94mm×60mm×10mm/ 104mm×68mm×12mm 89g/ 96g
N-HR002 13.56MHz Mifare Classic 1K/4K, ISO 14443A chip
N-SR002 Read and Write 13.56MHz, 125KHz EM4100, EM4200,Mifare Classic 1K/4K, ISO 14443A chip 104mm*68mm*12mm 120g
N-SR004 125KHz, 134.2KHz Animal tag chip, EM4305, EM4100 96g
N-SR003 13.56MHz Ntag213, Ntag215, Ntag216 89g
n-lr002 card reader N-LR002 Read Only 125KHz EM4100, EM4200 35mm×35mm×7mm 20g
n-lr003 card reader N-LR003 75mm×21mm×7mm 100g
n-ur001 card reader N-UR001 Read and Write 915MHz Alien H3, Ucode 8, Ucode 9, Impinj M4 104mm×68mm×10mm 150g
n-ur002 card reader N-UR002 920~925MHz 165mm×165mm×50mm 550g
n-sr001 tag reader N-SR001 Read & Storage 134.2KHz, 125KHz EM4305, FDX-B 135mm×60mm×13mm 110g
n-sr005 card copier N-SR005 Read and Write 125KHz, 13.56MHz, etc. Ntag213, Ntag216, Mifare 1K, EM4100, T5577, HID, etc. 168mm*88mm*36mm 192g
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