Smart NFC Reader with Read & Write Function

Additional Product Parameters

13.56MHzRead and WriteISO 14443A1 Year1000pcs
Communication InterfaceWorking VoltageSignal IndicationMaterialReading Time
USB5VLED Indicator, BuzzerABS< 100ms

N-SR003 NFC Reader Introduction

The N-SR003 NFC reader, made of durable ABS material, belongs to the 13.56MHz HF RFID readers, and is usually used to read or write data into the NFC products. Normal NFC readers can just write the data one by one, but this N-SR003 supports the batch writing function. So convenient!

You can write the URLs and texts into the NFC business card via the software we offer, and this card becomes an electronic name card. Once someone put his/her NFC supporting mobile phone close to your NFC card, the data stored in this NFC card will be instantly shown on this phone, and these data can be directly edited or stored into the phone. So simple!

Want to customize your personalized NFC readers for your business? Newbega can satisfy your demand. We can offer you not only high quality products but also OEM/ODM services. What’s more, our after-sale service are also guaranteed, and you could contact us if you encountered some problems. One word, don’t wait to contact us!

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NFC Reader Operation

Just connect this RFID tag reader to the Windows system computer through the USB interface, and then open the software to read and write. The applicable protocols are ISO14443A.

nfc reader software operation interface

This NFC reader can not only read the NFC card or tag, but also write data into the NFC chip. After the data is written into the NFC card, you can instantly get the data once get your mobile phone (with NFC function) close to the NFC products as the following image shows. 

Note: This NFC reader supports the batch data writing.

nfc reader final effect
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