RFID Scanner Handheld RFID Reader for Warehouse Inventory Taking

Additional Product Parameters

FrequencyFunctionCommunication Method
860~925MHzRead and WriteUSB, Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless
ISO18000-6C (EPC GEN2)1 Year1000pcs

N-UR003 RFID Scanner Introduction

The N-UR003 RFID scanner, which can be directly connected with a computer ( Windows, Android, Linux operating systems all ok) through a USB data cable is a read-only handheld UHF RFID reader. Here are the main features of it as follows:

  • It contains a high-precision scanning camera, which can accurately identify QR codes and barcodes. Even if this item doesn’t have a RFID tag stuck to, it can be read, too.
  • It does not need any driver installed or external power supply prepared, very convenient!
  • Putting this long range RFID reader close to the UHF tag, the data can be read instantly, which can take place of manually using a keyboard to input the EPC number. Time and labor saved!
  • It is equipped with a mobile phone holder. Once you put your mobile phone on it, your cell phone will be auto connected with the scanner, you can directly tap the corresponding warehouse management software to do some operations. Highly efficient!
  • It supports the identification of UHF tags with 18000-6C protocol, working range up to 3m.

handheld rfid scanner

Four color LED lights prompt:

  • Red- Charging indicator: always on when charging.
  • Green – Reading indicator light: flashes once after reading the card or scanning the code successfully.
  • Orange – Work indicator: always on after booting.
  • Blue – Connection indicator: blinking when waiting to be connected, and always on after connecting.

One-click mode switching:

Click the side function key to switch between “scanning code” and “card reading mode”, the buzzer sounds once for the card reading mode, and two sounds for the scanning code mode.

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