What is HF RFID Tag?

HF RFID Tag, also called the high frequency rfid tags, belongs to RFID tag and is at the frequency of 13.56MHz.  HF tags are often used as bus cards and access cards.  As for the 13.56MHz frequency, there are mainly two standards composed of ISO14443 and ISO15693.

ISO14443, has the short identification distance, but low price and  good confidentiality; while the biggest advantage of ISO15693 lies in its recognition efficiency, and it it has a better reading effect than UHF when dealing with dense tags, because of its good wavelength penetration.

Frequency TypeFrequencyChip TypeMemoryMemory ModeProtocol
High Frequency (HF)13.56 MHZ
Mifare classic EV1 1K1024 bytesRead / WriteISO 14443 A
Mifare classic EV1 4K4096 bytes
Ultralight EV1640 bits
Ultralight C192 bytes
Desfire EV1 2K2048 bytes
Desfire EV1 4K4096 bytes
Desfire EV1 8K8192 bytes
Desfire EV2 2K2048 bytes
Desfire EV2 4K4096 bytes
Desfire EV2 8K8192 bytes
NTAG213180 bytes
NTAG215540 bytes
NTAG216924 bytes
Clone mifare 1K1024 bytes
ICODE SLI-X1024 bitsISO 15693

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