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Additional Product Parameters

Frequency Reading Range Writing Cycle Memory
13.56 MHz 0-8cm 100,000 times 1KB
Protocol Function Data Retention MOQ
ISO/IEC 14443A Read and Write ≥10 years 1000pcs
FM1108 Dry Inlay Introduction
FM1108 dry inlay is composed of compatible Mifare 1K chip and aluminum antenna, usually as an intermediate product on the production line, used for synthesizing wet inlay, blank white stickers, Printable labels. Due to its low price and good stability, it is the most widely used product in the access control industry.
Chip introduction

FM1108 is a chip made in Shanghai, China, it is almost completely compatible with genuine Mifare chips. The storage capacity of the chip is 1024 bytes, which is divided into 16 sectors, each sector has 4 blocks, and the 0 block of the 0 sector will display the UID number of the chip, which cannot be changed.

There are two versions here, UID is 4 bytes, 8 HEX digits; UID is 7 bytes, 14 HEX digits, usually default version 1. Letters, numbers, URLs can be stored in the sectors. In addition, after some sectors are encrypted, they can be used as hotel key cards.

Product Applications
Item level tagging in pharmaceutical supply chains, Asset and document tracking, Counterfeit protection for consumer goods, Access management, Electronic toll collection, Access control, Car parking, Employee cards, School and campus cards, Libraries, Event ticketing, Public transportation…
Product Options
  • Round Shape Options
30mm rfid dry inlay
25mm rfid dry inlay
15mm rfid dry inlay
40mm rfid dry inlay
  • Square Shape Options
52X15mm rfid dry inlays
37x22mm rfid dry inlay
26x11mm rfid dry inlay
  • Rectangle Shape Options
45x45mm rfid dry inlay
40x40mm rfid dry inlay
32x32mm rfid dry inlay
15X15mm rfid dry inlay

Advanced Production Equipment

rfid inlay production
inlay machine
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