Custom Small NFC Tags Smart Mini NFC Tags Used at NFC Rings for E-payment E-ticket Electronic Name Card

Additional Chip Parameters

Frequency Chip Memory Reading Range Function
13.56 MHz Ntag213, clone mifare 1k 180 bytes 1cm (According to the RFID reader) Read and Write
Protocol Writing Cycle Data Retention Operating Temperature MOQ
ISO 14443 A 100,000 times ≥10 years -30℃ to 60℃ 1000pcs
Small NFC Tag Introduction
Do you know FPC material?

FPC refers to a flexible circuit board whose basic material is polyimide or polyester film. It has great wire density and is light weighted. 

Once combined with RFID chip, it will become a new very tiny RFID product.

What is small NFC tag?

EPC, glue, and anti-metal material can be made into a small NFC tag or mini NFC tag. Because of its small size, light weight, softness, and sensity, small NFC tags can be directly embedded into small objects so that these objects become smart and owns some special functions. 

For example, the RFID rings can be used as the mobile electronic business card since added the NFC chips. Very convenient!

small nfc tag embedded into smart rings

What chips are usually used for mini NFC tags?

The typical choice is the Ntag213, the original genuine contactless chip from NXP, a typical NFC chip. Ntag213 has small user area storage capacity (only 144 bytes, divided into 36 pages), not so large as Ntag215 and Ntag216, but enough for storing URLs. 

Therefore, Ntag 213 NFC chip is one of the most suitable chips for the electronic business cards and payment purposes.

Product Applications:
  • E-payment
  • Identification
  • Public transportation system
  • E-ticket
  • Electronic name card

Product Crafts

We will recommend the suitable NFC tag size for you based on your usage case. If necessary, we also use 3M glue, which has a higher stickiness.

Advanced Production Equipment

nfc epoxy tags factory
rfid epoxy tags factory
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