T5577 RFID Disc Tags 125KHz RFID Tag for Door Access Control

Additional Product Parameters

Frequency Chip Function Weight Memory
125 KHz T5577 (can be optional) Read and Write 0.45g 363bits
Protocol Reading Range Operating Temperature Data Retention MOQ
ISO 11784/11785 1~5cm (Related to reader performance and working environment) -40℃ to 85℃ ≥10 years 1000pcs

What is Disc Tag?

This 125KHz RFID tag with adhesive, is shaped like a disc, thus it is commonly known as the disc tag. It can be customize to desired dimensions by being die cut from the PVC card. Generally speaking, the smallest size allowed is dia 20 mm, while the largest is over 100 mm. The surface this kind of disc tags can be printed a logo, serial number, and other information, as a standard size PVC card can do.

disc tag structure 125khz rfid tag

T5577 Chip Introduction

Newbega 125KHz RFID disc tags are embedded the genuine original T5577 chips (UID number begins with E015) from Atmel Corporation (which has since been acquired by Microchip Technology) by default.

In addition, if our clients need that, there is a low-cost compatible T5577 chip (UID number that begins with E039) made in Thailand. The compatible T5577 chip doesn’t mean bad. In fact, many systems only accept compatible T5577 chips.

As for the T5577 chip memory structure, it is total 363 bits of EEPROM memory separated into 11 blocks, each with 32 bits and 1 lock bit.

How about T5577 chips’ applications? T5577 chips are usually solely used to store the serial number for the staff card, while after encryption, they can also be used as the chips of the hotel key cards.

Product Crafts

Crafts can be customized in accordance with the customer requirements for different products, such as the silkscreen printing, laser engraving, QR code, offset printing, etc.

Product Applications

1. Hotel key card;

2. Copy RFID key card, RFID staff card, RFID student card, etc.

Advanced Production Equipment

pvc card printing machine
newbega rfid equipment
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