ABS EAS Tag RFID Hard Tag Clothing Alarm Tag Retail Security Tag at Malls

Additional Product Parameters

Frequency Reading Range Memory Function
UHF: 860~960MHz EAS: 58KHz 2~4m(According to the RFID reader and working milieu) EPC: 96 or 128bit, User Memory: 32 or 64bit Read and Write
Protocol Writing Cycle Working Temperature MOQ
ISO 18000-6C, EPC Class1 Gen2 100,000 times -20°C to 150°C 1000pcs
EAS Tag Introduction

The RFID EAS Tag (also called the RFID EAS security tag), embedded with both the EAS (the simple name of Electronic Article Surveillance) and RFID UHF chip, is a hard tag made of ABS material. This RFID retail security tag is not only a convenient inventory management tool but also a anti-theft guardian. It is undoubtly an upgraded version compared with the the traditional EAS tag which only has the anti-theft function but no RFID function.

When the clothes with these tags are taken out of the door, the EAS tag reader at the door will issue an voice alarm to remind the clerk. Want to remove these tags secretly and take the clothes away without payment. It can’t be! These alarm tags must be removed by a strong magnet and only the cashier at checkout counter has that tool.

Chip Introduction:

The Impinj Monza R6P chip is an ultra-high frequency chip produced by Impinj technology company. Its storage area is divided into the TID area, EPC area, user area, and password area, among which, the EPC number can be changed, encrypted, and locked temporarily or permanently.

Similarly, the tag password can also be changed, and you can even set the destroy password to destroy the tag in time (the RFID tag will lose write & read function thoroughly, and become an invalid tag, once the destroy password set before is input) when you don’t need it any longer so that the data can be safer.

Product Applications:
  • Garment Management
  • Clothing retail store
  • Important document security bag
  • Shelf management
  • Inventory management

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