Hot Selling File Cabinet Lock Tag RFID UHF Safe RFID Cabinet Cable Tie Tags

Additional Product Parameters

Frequency Reading Range Memory Function
915MHz 0.3-0.5 meters (depending on reading device) 512 bits Read and Write
Protocol Writing Cycle Strength MOQ
ISO 18000-63 100,000 times Pull: 160-170N Lock: 160-170N 1000pcs
File Cabinet Lock Tag RFID UHF Introduction

Cabinet cable tie tag RFID UHF is designed to seal the cabinet, that is to store important products, samples, documents, etc. With the irreversible buckle, the cabinet can only be opened by cutting off the tag, which means that no one can open your cabinets secretly.

With the RFID chip in this tag RFID UHF, it can be encoded with information about the things stored in the cabinet, which can facilitate the product information inquiring and checking. Thus the management and safety of important things will be Improved.

Cabinet Lock Tag RFID UHF Feature:

  • Waterproof, anti-collision, anti-erosion, durable.
  • The lock is the plastic irreversible buckle, with excellent buckle effect.
  • When you want to unlock it, you need to cut the benchmark, after that, the tag will be ruined.

Product Using Method: 

Attach this tag to the file cabinet, and input the information including the file names, file storage time, nature of the file, subtracts of the cabinet. 

When somebody need to check the files, they can scan the RFID file cabinet lock tag by the handheld terminals, then the files will be quickly located; which will improve the efficiency of file management dramatically.

RFID File Cabinet Cable Tie Lock Tag Applications:

Nowadays, this kind of tags have been widely applied. For example, RFID File Cabinet Lock Tag can be used in the file room of large company or organization. 

In some big companies, there are hundreds, thousands, or sometimes millions of documents, they are important and confidential, need to be checked when it is necessary, and they also should be managed properly.


  • Goods cabinets
  • Product boxes
  • Filing cabinets

To prevent the loss of goods, facilitate product information, inventory inquiries & checking, and other similar usage.


Product Crafts
  • Printing of serial number, barcode or QR code
  • Logo silk printing

Crafts can be customized in accordance with the customer requirements for different products.

Advanced Production Equipment

rfid inlay production
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