Hot Selling Waterproof RFID Button Tag for Laundry

Additional Product Parameters

Frequency Function Chip Writing Cycle Memory Waterproof
860~960MHz Read and Write Ucode 9 100,000 times EPC: 96bit, TID: 96bit, User Memory: 128bit IP65
Reading Range Protocol Working Temperature Working Mode Weight MOQ
6m(According to the RFID reader) ISO 18000-6C -30°C to 110°C Passive 0.6±0.03g 1000pcs
RFID Button Tag Introduction
RFID button tag, also called pill mini RFID tag, is a small unobtrusive and robust RFID transponder, packed by ABS material, with strong structure. Because of its small size and high temperature resistant characteristics, it has wide applications.
Cabinet Lock Tag RFID UHF Feature:
  • Exquisite and small size, easy to be hidden and installed.
  • Dustproof and IP65 waterproof.
  • Can be engraved with UID code.
  • High temperature resistant, can endure the working temperature up to 110℃.
Product Applications:
  • You can hide it into electronic products with plastic shell, and turn the electronic products into the products with RFID tags; which equals to give an identity to each product. Together with the RFID reading terminals, each procedure of the electronic product can be monitored, including the housing packing, inspection, warehousing in and out, after sales, etc. If there is any problems at any procedure, you can figured it out quickly.
  • You can use them at your laundry store, sew them to clothes, as the laundry tags.
  • RFID button tags can also be used in other small objects and covertion applications.
  • Used in supermarket to prevent being stolen and management.
Product Crafts
  • Printing of serial number, barcode or QR code;
  • Logo silk printing; 

Crafts can be customized in accordance with the customer requirements for different products.

Advanced Production Equipment

rfid inlay production
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