RFID Plant Tags Plastic UHF Tags for Plant Smart Management

Additional Product Parameters

Frequency Waterproof Shell Material Color
860~960MHz IP67 ABS Customizable
Reading Range Protocol Weight MOQ
0-6m ISO/IEC 18000-6C About 8g 1000pcs

RFID Plant Tags Introduction

RFID plant tags, made of ABS material, are waterproof, durable, and stable, so they can normally work in the humid environment. Just insert these plant tags into the soil besides the plants, then the real-time data of the plants’ growing status will be automatically recorded and updated into the RFID system for analysis.

smart plant tag for potted plants

Besides, it is also very common and effective to monitor the plants’ growth with the RFID plant tags and photography technology for the plant study project, because the cameras can take pictures od the plants’ growth from different angles, like leaf size, plants height, blooming condition, etc., and update them to the plant management system.

Once received the data, the computer would auto analyze the them to conclude whether the plants are healthy or not, whether they need to be sprayed water or offered fertilizer; by which to manage big quantity of plants and help them grow in good condition and finally get a good harvest.

RFID Plant Tag Chips
As for the chips in these tags, here are some options such as the NXP Ucode 8, Ucode 9, Impinj M4 chip. They are passively activated chips, and the EPC storage area can be rewritten and encrypted. So convenient!

RFID Plant Tag Application

rfid tags for plant
uhf plant tags

RFID plant tags are especially suitable to be used at the botanical gardens and greenhouses to track the plant growth situation (including flowers, potted plants, vegetables, fruits, drugs…) and the soil information in the related zone. And the data is traceable because it will be auto stored.

Advanced Production Equipment For RFID Tags

newbega rfid equipment
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