Silicone RFID Tag for Laundry Washable RFID Tag for Garment Washing Tracking

Additional Product Parameters

Frequency Function Chip Writing Cycle Memory
860~960MHz Read and Write UHF chip: Alien H3 H9(Optional) 100,000 times EPC: 96bit, TID: 96bit, User Memory: 128bit
Reading Range Protocol Operating Temperature Working Lifespan MOQ
0~5m(According to the RFID reader and working milieu) ISO 18000-6C, EPC Class1 Gen2 -20℃ to 150℃ 3 years or 200 times washing 1000pcs
Silicone RFID Tag for Laundry Introduction

The silicone RFID tag for laundry, encapsulated by the environmental friendly silicone material, is soft and waterproof. It is one-time molding, no gaps, thus the surface is smooth, which feels good. It can bear more than 200 times’ industrial washing, very durable. 

This silicone RFID laundry tag only weights 2g, so it’s perfect for tracking various washable objects such as clothing, towels, and other objects which need washing.

Chip Introduction:

The alien H3 chip is an ultra-high frequency chip produced by Alien technology. Its storage area is divided into the TID area, EPC area, user area, and password area, among which, the EPC number can be changed, encrypted, and locked temporarily or permanently.

Similarly, the tag password can also be changed, and you can even set the destroy password to destroy the tag in time (the RFID tag will lose write & read function thoroughly, and become an invalid tag, once the destroy password set before is input) when you don’t need it any longer so that the data can be safer. 

This alien H3 chip can be implanted in the washable RFID tag, and then glue or sew the tag on the clothes, which can be very convenient for clothing management.

Product Applications:
  • garment factories
  • laundries
  • medical logistics laundry
  • chemical raw materials that need to be in high temperature

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Product Crafts
  • Printed logo, EPC number, barcode;
  • Laser serial code.
  • Default white, red, green, blue optional

Advanced Production Equipment

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