As time goes by, you can see that RFID technology has penetrated into our lives gradually. When you hear of it, you may be curious about the following questions:

What fields is it usually applied to?

Why is it essential in this fields?

What kind of roles does it play in these industries?

What shortcomings does it have?

Generally speaking, RFID technology has been widely used in such fields including the supply chain & logistics industry, races & activities, smart management, intelligent access control, etc. And it plays essential roles in these fields. Well, today we would introduce you the roles RFID technology plays in 5 common RFID applications and the challenges it faces in details, as well as the recommended RFID products you can take into consideration.

rfid technology application

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Now let’s explore the common RFID applications and the importance of the RFID technology together!

Roles of RFID Technology in 5 RFID Applications <Hot!>

Actually, here are 5 common RFID applications, and you can check the detailed roles RFID plays in them as follows, and you can directly jump to the that part by clicking the corresponding link.

Role 1: Supply Chain and Logistics Helper

Application: supply chain and logistics industry

RFID in supply chain can not only increase the company running efficiency but also help decrease some risks such as the waste of the material, space, labor, etc., and possibility of being stolen. Take the logistics company and its warehouse for examples, here are 3 main advantages of the applied RFID below:

1. Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

RFID systems, RFID tags, and RFID readers can be combined to achieve more efficient supply chain. The real-time status of the items can be synced to the management system in time, which can greatly decrease the labor waste and even the loss for the lack of the synchronous information.

2. Help Realize Easier Inventory Taking 

Manual repeated operation is boring, time costing, and easy to cause errors, as you know. Smart RFID technology can take place of the manual repeated counting operation and never gets boring.

That is to say, the worker can directly read the item information on the RFID tag with the RFID reader, and the data read will be uploaded to the RFID warehouse management system for the auto inventory taking. Meanwhile, some errors can be avoided. Excellent, right?

easier inventory taking with rfid

3. Enhance Delivery Speed and Accuracy

The logistics statistical data collected with the help of RFID technology will be uploaded to the Internet and the goods receivers can track the information online via the tracking number.

Once some errors happened, and the receivers happen to find them, they can contact the online service center via the shown service phone number and let the errors fixed in time, rather than find the goods have been delivered to wrong places or lost on the way when they are ready to receive the goods, which will absolutely cost much more time and energy.

Therefore, you can see how RFID technology matters at the delivery speed and accuracy!

4. Newbega RFID Tags – Your Good Choice!

Newbega, a 20+ years RFID tag factory, produces all kinds of RFID tags including the warehouse RFID tags such as the N-UT001 UHF tag and N-UT008 RFID pallet tag.

newbega warehouse rfid tags

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Role 2: High Effective RFID Tracking Tool

Application: assets and participators tracking

1. Simpler Assets Tracking

With RFID technology, you can find the accurate position and the detailed info of each asset at once by inputting the serial number on the RFID tracking management system. No need to find each asset here and there or take manual records. So effective!

2. Auto Tracking to Participators

It is necessary to maintain stead traffic flowing when managing a large conference, so it is essential to monitor the conference traffic. Manual tracking is obviously not a good idea because it costs too much time, labor, and energy.

Luckily, with RFID technology, the RFID readers at the entrance will auto track the RFID chips ( Related Reading: How to Classify RFID Chips? [4 Easy Methods] ) embedded into the participation certificates (like RFID wristbands or RFID cards) of the participators, which can realize the smart tracking. So convenient!

participators tracking

Role 3: Good Assistant for Race Timing

Application: race timing

Traditional race timing method is manual, which is troublesome and not accurate at all. Not until the RFID technology appears and is applied to the different races like the marathon, does the race timing become easier. Why? In marathon, it is hard to record every runner’s grade accurately, but RFID technology can solve this problem.

Just bond the RFID tags with the shoelaces of every runners, and put the RFID readers at the starting point, ending point, and along the race track, the readers can auto read the RFID tags and upload the data to the management system, when the runners pass by, so that the runners’ status can be known in time.

marathon race

This way, for one side, much energy that should have been cost on tracking can be saved, staff wouldn’t get so tired, for another side, the cheating become nearly impossible because machines don’t lie, so that the race accuracy & fair can be promised. Besides, the runners’ safety can be better guaranteed, which can effectively avoid the accidents in some degree.

Role 4: Smart Management Partner

Application: library, warehouse, kiosks, library, laundry, etc.

When the objects info usually change, for example, at the library, books are lent and returned every day, each lend and return info should be well recorded. Obviously, if this record work is manually done, that would be a huge project, and it easily causes mistakes, very complicated!

RFID technology can help realize smart library management. The RFID tags stuck to each book and shelf, will perfectly work with the RFID readers and help the library staff accomplish the record task quickly and scientific management.

rfid library management

Role 5: Convenient RFID Access Controller

Application: offices, hotels, clubs, homes…

As time goes by, the RFID access control locks are more and more popular for their simple using, time saving, good safety. With them, you don’t need to carry the heavy keys with you when you go out, you can directly stick the RFID key tag to your mobile phone, and easily open the door via that RFID tag. You will never forget your key if only you take your cell phone. So great!

rfid key tag on cell phone

From the 5 roles summarized above, you can know that RFID technology is more and more advanced and are penetrating into all aspects of people’s daily lives. RFID technology are so powerful, but don’t it have shortcomings? Of course it does have!

What Challenges does RFID Technology Face?

Actually, RFID technology is still facing some challenges because of its own characteristics including the following 2 ones:

1. Obstacles from Metal and Liquid

RFID can’t go through metals and liquids. That is to say, obstacles from metals and liquids will make the RFID reader unable read the signal form the RFID tags at all, the RFID device get invalid.

As for the metals, Newbega anti-metal RFID tags can solve this problem, because these tags have the anti-metal layer add to, which can well prevent the metal’ effect; While as for the liquids, the solution is still been explored.

anti metal rfid tag

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2. Mistakes Caused by Cross Signals

If some RFID tags are very close, you will find it not easy to read your aimed one, because the cross signals emitted by different close RFID tags will disturb the RFID reader’s judgement so as to cause some mistakes.

For example, tag A, tag B, tag C are put together, you just want to read tag A, when you put the RFID reader close to tag A, what you read finally is likely to be tag B or tag C for their too close distance. This problem hasn’t be solved yet, what you can do is just avoid the tags being too close.


In conclusion, having checked the 5 roles of RFID technology mentioned in this article, we can know that RFID technology has become an inseparable part of our lives. It is a powerful tool without any doubt and has brought us easier lives, even if it is not perfect. But we can choose to take full advantages of it and avoid its disadvantages, and let it become our friend forever!

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