Product Name: RFID Vehicle Long Tags


RFID Vehicle Long Tag packed unique RFID chip, which can be encrypted and almost impossible to be copied. RFID vehicle long tag Can be attached to vehicle plate for identification, which is very useful in fighting fake vehicle license plate.

In traffic arteries with monitoring base stations (the monitoring station is mostly composed of three parts: camera, radio frequency reader and data processing system), through comparing the physical plate scanned by camera and the RFID vehicle long tag recognized by RFID reader, the police will be able to recognize the fake physical plate easily from monitoring station system and block the driver easily.

This model tag features of working on metal items, which allow the tag to be used in other areas like industrial asset tracking, logistics pallet tracking, folk lift identification and management, etc.

1. Product Name: RFID Vehicle Long Tag
2. Material: ABS
3. Frequency: 915MHz (868 or any frequency during 860-960mhz)
4. Protocol: UHF EPC G2、18000-6B、18000-6C
5. Chip: G2XM, G2XL, HSL, H3
6. Dimension: 249*13.8*6mm
7. Reading distance: ≥5.5M, use 9dbi antenna, and 1.0 watt radio frequency power.
8. Working Temperature: -20~60℃
9. Storage Temperature: -30~80℃
10. Color: Black
11. Technique: Ultrasonic Sealing
12. Weight: 30g±1g

1. Water-proof, anti-collision, anti-metal, dust-proof, and durable.
2. Good reading distance, good anti-collision performance.
3. Suitable for vehicle management, easy to be mounted..

1. Widely used in vehicle license plate recognition, machine identification, mold tracking.
2. Suitable for vehicle management, ETC system, vehicle logistics, containers, trailers and merchandise item-level data management and tracking.
3. Appropriated to be installed on large metal / non-metallic objects.