Smart RFID Silicone Slap Bracelets for Swimming Pool

Additional Product Parameters

Frequency Chip Function Writing Cycle Memory
125KHz Hitag 2, Hitag 1, etc. Read and Write 100,000 times 2048bit, 256bit, etc.
Protocol Waterproof Operating Temperature Warranty MOQ
ISO/IEC 14443A IP68 -40℃ to 100℃ 1 Year 1000pcs


  1. Waterproof.
  2. no need buckle to get fixed.
  3. Suitable for short-term event use or one-off give away use at trade shows and marketing events.
  4. Often used for conferences, lectures, tours and similar events.
  5. Can be used for RFID access control and stored credit applications where the waterproof RFID silicone slap bracelets are required.

Customizing Service


Red/ Pink/ Blue/ Green/ Yellow/ Orange/ White/ Black/ Purple/ Customized Pantone Color

Available Crafts

Embossed Numbering/ Convex Numbering/ Silk-Printing/ Concave Coloring/ Protruding Printing, etc.(Require AI/CDR/PDF Format Files

Note: Silicone slap bracelets from NewBega always support various chip setting, including 125KHz and13.56MHz RFID chips.

  • 125KHZ Chip Type: TK4100, T5577, EM4305, EM4200
  • 13.56MHZ Chip Type: MIFARE Classic® 1K, MIFARE Classic® 4K, MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 MIFARE® DESFire® EV2, NFC chip, Ultralight EV1, etc.

Product Sizes

215mmx25mmx5mm silicone slap bracelets

215mm*25mm*5mm, 19.6g

280mmx32mmx7mm silicone slap bracelets

280mm*32mm*7mm, 32.5g

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