Product Name: Silicone Mini RFID Laundry Tags


NEWBEGA mini silicone RFID laundry tag combines the silicone material and RFID inlay perfectly, we adopt high quality durable PI inlay, meanwhile leaving no gap between inlay and the silicone material, which make the laundry tag endures much more working cycles.

The softness of silicone make it an ideal laundry tag for high end clothes and the small size allows it to be attached to any apparel easily. It is a wonderful product for laundry industrial, making the clothes classification and management much easier and more effective, optimize the laundry enterprise production and process management.

1. Product Name: Mini Silicone RFID Laundry Tag
2. Material: Silicone
3. Frequency: 860-960MHz
4. Chip: H3
5. Dimension: 50*11*1.8mm
6. Color: Blue
7. Reading distance: 3m (depending on reading device)
8. Working Temperature: -30~220℃
9. Weight: 1g
10. Waterproof level: IP68
11. Estimated Lifetime: 400 washing cycles
12. Tagging: Sewing

1. Small size, very light weight, can be attached to any clothes easily.
2. Soft and flexible, minimize the harm to the clothes during laundry process.
3. Good reading performance.
4. PI inlay, more durable technique.

High end apparel, especial luxury light clothes

Working Procedure:

Sew the silicone RFID washing tag on the cloth, encode the detailed information of the clothes into the tag, scan the laundry tag by handheld terminal or fixed reader, classify the clothes according to the information in the tag and transport to the right side.

Achieve automatic recognition of the clothes in the whole laundry process, dramatically improved the efficiency of the industrial.

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