With RFID technology develops, the smart RFID card quantity rapidly increase in the market. As you know, functions of various RFID chip cards differ. Some are used for the access control like the RFID key cards, some are for the interpersonal communication like the RFID business cards, others are for the electrical payment, smart tickets, intelligent management, etc. So it is necessary to choose suitable RFID cards according to your real demand.

smart rfid card for door access

Well, here is question. How to choose smart RFID cards? In this article, we would introduce you simple steps of choosing smart RFID cards. And you can check the catalog below to know the main structure of this article:

Factors of Choosing a RFID Card?

Now let’s explore how to choose a RFID card together!

How to Choose a Suitable Smart RFID Card? [5 Steps] <Hot!>

In fact, following 5 steps can help you judge if a RFID card is suitable or not when you see a card, and these steps can also give you some instructions when you discuss the customizing details with your cooperation RFID card manufacturer. Really helpful! Let’s check them now~

Step 1: Pick Right RFID Card Frequency

To make the complicated things simpler, it is a good way to make a clear classification first, which can also be applied to the RFID chip cards. Now let’s start with the RFID card types.

3 Main RFID Card Types

Generally speaking, RFID cards can be divide into 3 types according to different RFID chip frequencies. They are LF cards, HF cards, and UHF cards respectively. You can check their differences on the following comparison table:

RFID Card TypeFrequencyApplicationFeature
LF Card125KHzaccess control, production managementreading distance 0-1m, can penetrate the water, organic tissue, wood, etc.
HF Card13.56MHzbus ticket, access controlreading distance 0-5m
UHF Card860~960MHzInventory & supply chain management, Smart manufacturing,
Airline baggage tracking, Sports timer, Library management
longer reading distance over 20 meters; easy to be interfered by radio waves from metals, conductive materials or liquids.

From the table above, you may find that different RFID chip card types have different frequencies, features, and application fields. Therefore, it is very necessary to pick the right RFID chip card frequency if you want to choose suitable smart RFID cards. Well, let’s continue the step 2.

Step 2: Consider RFID Chip Card Using Environment

The using environment is also important, if you need the card waterproof, you can choose the PVC card, metal card, or epoxy card. If you want your card look luxury, the metal RFID card may be a good choice. If you hope the cheaper card, the paper card may be good. If you desire for the card which looks closer to nature, the wood card will be excellent! Thus you can determine the card material in terms of your using environments and occasions.

Take the PVC card for example, Newbega PVC card is waterproof, can be printed beautiful designs, added many crafts such as the gold foil stamping, hole punch, blind spot UV, etc., and at affordable price. Besides, all our materials are brand new, no recycled one. They are very suitable to be made as the RFID business cards. You can click the following “Inquire Now” button to contact us for more details. 

Till now, we have known the RFID chip frequency and card material, how about the smart RFID card size and shape? How to choose? Well, let’s check step 3.

Step 3: Select Appropriate RFID Card Size & Shape

Generally speaking, the international standard smart RFID card size is 85.5mm*54mm*0.86mm, the square shape. Most cards are also made into this size and shape, while some cards are into different other sizes and shapes because of their using requirements.

For example, to make it easier to carry, some key cards are made into smaller sizes. Some NFC business cards stuck to the mobile phones are also very small and most of them are round to make the sticking simpler.


Step 4: Check Customizing Crafts Applied to RFID Cards

Customizing crafts are essential if you want your cards look simple and elegant. Not all the card factories have the capability of making accurate and nice crafts. Some may make the printing not clear, the color not matched with your design, the crafts wrong, etc.

Therefore, to make your cards great, you need to pay attention to these crafts details. Are you in trouble finding a reliable card factory? Newbega, a specialist in this industry for over 20 years, can be your good partner! For us, QUALITY COMES FIRST! You will never worry about our quality. Want to know more about us? Enter “About Us” page now!

Step 5: RFID Card Price Is Also Important

Now the card itself have already been able to be judged properly according to the 4 steps above. One more thing, we care for the price. Nobody minds getting high quality cards at affordable price, I guess. When you want to customized RFID cards bulk, you’d better do a survey on the market first, then choose the suitable factory.

Newbega High Quality RFID Cards - Your Good Choice!

According to the mentioned 5 steps, we can know if the smart RFID card or the card supplier is suitable or not after comprehensive judgment from the RFID chip, card material, card size and shape, customizing crafts, and price.

To be honest, to find a suitable supplier cost much energy, perhaps you can trust Newbega. We are specialized enough in cards producing for our 20+ years’ experience support. And our product lines are rich, including the RFID keyfob, RFID tag, RFID wristband, and RFID reader, except for RFID card.

newbega product lines

If you need the card without RFID chip, printed RFID card, smart RFID card blank, or other products, you can take us into consideration because we can offer you both high quality products and good services. If you choose us, you don’t need to worry about quality, nor to feel helpless when you have questions. We are here to help you 24h online! Perfect, right? Tap the “Inquire Now” button to contact us now!

What are Needed if You Want to Custom RFID Cards?

Now let’s come to the custom session, do you know what you should prepare? Simply speaking, you need make the following items well done before customization.

  • Find a reliable smart RFID card factory.
  • Confirm RFID chip, card material, card size and shape, crafts, quantity,etc.
  • Offer card design PDF file.
  • Discuss price, packages, trade terms, delivery time, shipping method, payment, and other details with your supplier.
  • Make sure if the samples satisfy you.
  • Start bulk producing.

Final Words

In a word, to make you better choose smart RFID cards, you can read this article. Believe it, our 5 steps will help a lot. If you are searching for a card factory, maybe you can choose to trust Newbega. Our production capacity and service quality would never regret you! Click the “Inquire Now” button below to send us an inquiry now!

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