We can easily see Table tent cards for restaurants. It is a display board made of acrylic or metal materials that allows merchants to fill in information. With people constantly coming and going from restaurants, cafes, hotels or bars, it also becomes an excellent display point.

There is a lot of information that can be displayed on table tent cards, from daily special products to preferential services, to the latest consultation and event information. It is easy for people to obtain information by observing their surroundings while waiting. This will be an opportunity for merchants. When a customer comes to the store but does not know what to order, he or she will often use “recommendations” to confirm his or her thoughts.

This is how you launch your product! Compared with ordinary Table tents, the latest Table tents for restaurants are equipped with chips that record information, which means they can provide customers with more information! This article will explain what table tent cards are and compare the differences between table tent cards with and without chips. Let’s take a look together!

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What are Table Tent Cards?

Table tent cards are small billboards, usually with bright colors and eye-catching messages. It can be made from foldable cardboard or acrylic sheets with replaceable paper pieces inside. Although it is small, it is very effective, especially when placed in an easily accessible place, so that the message on it is very obvious.

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It can be folded into many forms, usually in the form of a standing sign, and merchants will print patterns and QR codes on it, which will make customers pay more attention to the information above.

People are born with the habit of collecting information, especially when entering a relatively unfamiliar environment. Table tents for restaurants serve as this medium. Traditional table tent cards require paper replacement, can carry less information, are relatively troublesome to replace, and are at risk of being damaged. With the advent of digital informatization, tent cards equipped with chips have become very popular.

Merchants can use a suitable reader to rewrite the content in tent cards, and by inputting a pre-written website, users can jump by lightly touching it with the back of their mobile phone. This kind of intelligent information exchange is very popular with customers. Compared with the need to communicate with waiters before, customers can make choices more freely on their mobile phones… and this is just the tip of the iceberg of the benefits of table tent cards.

The Business Benefits of Tent Cards

Although we mentioned some obvious benefits earlier in the article, the improvements it can make to your store go beyond that. You must know enough about your store to know how to place it in a prominent location so that your customers can get first-hand information.

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This is exactly the way to increase your potential customers. In addition, you can also prompt customers on Tent cards to contact your card with their mobile phone to get more information.

To put it simply, table tent cards are like a commercial mini billboard, carrying a variety of information. In order to increase sales quickly, you should let customers know about your activities as quickly as possible. Nowadays, most restaurants have adopted this method. Customers will be satisfied with knowing about a promotion, and the merchants will get enough revenue from this. This is very common in campsites, bars, restaurants and has been a huge success.

At the same time, table tent cards equipped with chips can also function as locators, which will assist waiters in serving dishes to customers more quickly. It can also ensure the safety of Table tent cards.

Table tent cards are also an ideal marketing tool if you want to increase brand awareness. Taking the initiative to cooperate with hotels and restaurants and placing table tent cards in their stores is a bit like taking the initiative to advertise for yourself, but if it can help them, some merchants will be happy to accept the card. This is more effective for places frequented by potential customers… Assuming you are an attraction manager, you can place a table tent card introducing your attractions in a cooperative restaurant. Expand your circle of collaborators and this will bring you success.

How to Print Tent Cards?<Hot!>

Printing tent cards is actually not complicated. If you are a merchant who needs table tent cards, you only need to provide your own design draft, and then leave the rest to a professional supplier. Experienced card manufacturers have their own designers and engineers who will provide valuable suggestions for your actual situation.

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Newbega is a card production factory with 20 years of production experience.We offer a diverse inventory selection: Unlike other print shops, we give our customers the ability to choose any inventory that fits their table tent cards. We understand that choosing the right inventory is critical to your brand.

MULTIPLE SIZES AVAILABLE: We offer a variety of size options so you can choose the best size of table tent cards for your marketing campaign.

DURABLE THICK PAPER: We use reliable PVC material as the main raw material of Tent cards to ensure the durability of the cards.

ANTIMICROBIAL COATING: We add a rich matte or gloss antimicrobial coating to all table tent cards to ensure long-lasting protection. No matter how many hands your cards come in contact with, the coating continues to protect you from bacteria and germs. Our antimicrobial coating is tested to ISO 22196 and eliminates 99% of bacteria and germs on contact.

Cost Effective: Unlike billboards that cost thousands of dollars, table tent cards are a more cost effective option. Despite its smaller size, it still packs a powerful punch when it comes to achieving your marketing goals.

Summary and Outlook

Whether your purpose of using table tent cards is to increase sales or increase the number of potential customers, they are an effective marketing tool that will give you great business help. And choosing a good partner is crucial.

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You can click on the link to enter our product page and choose the Table tent cards that suit you, or you can contact us directly to provide the style you want. If you don’t have an idea for the time being, we also have the most professional designers to provide you with design plans. Please give us a chance and let us help you succeed in your business development.

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