I wonder if you have heard of Teslin card? Although most smart cards circulating on the market are made of PVC materials, there are still manufacturers who are amazingly motivated to explore materials. They aim to produce cards with stronger texture and durability to bring customers Better user experience.

Newbega is one of them, and Teslin card happens to be one of the card products they produce. If you are a merchant who has high requirements for card quality, then Teslin card is your best choice, and this article We will comprehensively introduce the characteristics, usage environment and comparison of Teslin card with PVC card to help you better understand cards made of this material.

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What is Teslin Card?

As an innovative card, it was born earlier than we thought. Teslin was produced exclusively by PPG Industries in the mid-1980s and has since been widely used in membership cards, gift cards, promotional cards, etc. This composite material is made of polyester film and silicone to create a microporous material that is both durable and safe.

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Due to the characteristics of the microporous material itself, Teslin ID card has greater advantages than ordinary ID cards. It is almost impossible for criminals to forge this kind of card, and the content inside is not easy to tamper with. This is a very reliable protection mode in the information age and can protect your most important documents.

In terms of durability, the Teslin ID card also performs exceptionally well. It will not suffer much damage if it is soaked in water, contaminated with corrosive materials, or even torn violently. Therefore, Teslin card can be used in a variety of environments and is more reliable than traditional paper cards.

When the Teslin card is embedded with a chip and magnetic stripe, it has an information storage function. QR codes can also be printed on the card surface. In addition, teslin cards can also be combined with biometric technology. Users can provide more advanced authentication and access control through fingerprint or iris scanning.

In terms of customization, teslin’s card surface is easier to write on, and the characteristics of synthetic materials can add writable materials to teslin cards, which allows customers to leave messages under specific circumstances.

This statement may be too broad. If we use a PVC card and a Tesla card as a comparison, we will see the difference between the two more intuitively.

What is the Difference Between Teslin Card and PVC Card?

Different from the common PVC material cards on the market, Teslin is a synthetic base material, while PVC cards are made of a separate polyvinyl chloride material.

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The image quality of PVC is very good and can support the printing of most paints on the market. The colors of teslin cards are also excellent, but the difference is that PVC cards are easy to tamper with and the pigments on them can be replaced, while the micropores of teslin cards The structure can lock the image to prevent it from being destroyed by humans.

PVC cards have been tested by the market, and many standards have been set for use. Cards made of PVC as raw materials must comply with all ISO standards. Tesla cards only use the ISO standard as a reference.

PVC cards are relatively fragile compared to teslin cards. When they are placed together with sharp metals (such as keys, tools), the surface information will be destroyed. The latter offers excellent durability, with Teslin substrates laminating ten times stronger than other synthetic materials, according to the manufacturer. This means that any lamination applied to the material will resist peeling and remain intact for a long time.

The customization of Teslin cards is more comprehensive and comes in more forms. Although PVC cards can also be designed and customized, they are relatively limited and mostly start with patterns.

Teslin cards are more flexible in cutting and can be laminated for added rigidity and luster. PVC cards can also be laminated, which will increase the durability of the card.

Scenarios Where Teslin card can be Used<Hot!>

The security of Teslin cards makes it a high-quality substitute for traditional documents. As long as it is a card related to amount and identity proof, Teslin can be used as the main material, including but not limited to bus cards, ID cards, driver’s licenses, etc. Student ID card and passport.

Where to Buy the Best Teslin Cards

In corporate settings, the certificates that companies issue to employees can also be made with Teslin materials, which will make it easier for employees to clock in and out and pass the access control of the office area.

There are also opportunities to use Teslin cards at various conferences and events. As tickets, they are more secure. It is not easy to be forged, so it can better prevent problems before they occur and avoid the occurrence of forged tickets.

Where to Buy the Best Teslin Cards?

Choose Newbega as the best provider of Teslin cards. We are a company with more than 20 years of experience in card production. We sell card products to all over the world. We also have a large number of patents and first-class engineers. We are committed to card quality and service. Quality is guaranteed.

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The production of Teslin cards requires strict quality inspection and fine craft cutting, especially when cutting irregular card shapes requires exquisite craftsmanship and skilled production technology, and these will be the basic requirements of Newbega Company. We use Each card is produced with the highest requirements to help you win a better evaluation in your business.

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