Smart chips are divided into three types: active, semi-source and passive. Active and half-source built-in power supplies, these two types are larger in size. Passive means no built-in power supply, so it can be very small. Because our company does not make active and semi-source products, we will only introduce passive chips today.

Usually we divide the chip into low frequency, high frequency and ultra high frequency according to frequency.

  1. Low frequency

The frequency of the low-frequency chip is 125KHz. Low-frequency chips are divided into two types: read-only and readable and writable. The commonly used read-only chips are TK4100, EM4100 and EM4200. The commonly used readable and writable chip is T5577. Low-frequency chips are generally used in access control cards, hotel cards and access control machines. There is also the EM4305 chip, the protocol is ISO 11784 / 11785, when this chip is used in animal identification, the format is ISO FDX-B.

  1. High frequency

The frequency of the high-frequency chip is 13.56MHz, and its communication protocol is divided into ISO14443A, ISO14443B and ISO15693. The high-frequency chips are all readable and writable chips.

① The commonly used chips for ISO14443A are MF 1 S50, MF 1 S70, Ntag213, Ntag215, Ntag216, Mifare Ultralight EV1, Mifare Ultralight C, Mifare Desfire EV1 2K, D21 for short. Mifare Desfire EV2 2K, D22 for short. D41, D81, D42, D82 and they are the same series, where 2K, 4K, and 8K all refer to the storage capacity of the chip. S50 and S70 have their compatible versions in China, 4439 and F08 are compatible with Mifare classic EV1 1K, and Fudan S70 is compatible with Mifare classic EV1 4K. ISO14443A chips are generally used in payment cards, hotel cards, casino cards, tickets, access control, etc.

②ISO14443B commonly used chips are SR1512 and EM4315. They are generally used in CPU cards and memory chips.

③The commonly used chip for ISO15693 is Icode SLI-X. They are generally used in open access control, book management, product anti-counterfeiting, etc.

  1. UHF

Because the frequency standards of each country are different, the UHF frequency is a frequency band: 860-960MHZ. The UHF communication protocol is divided into ISO18000-6C Gen2. Commonly used chips under this agreement are H3 (Alien H3), Impinj Monza 4QT, Impinj Monza 4QE, Ucode7, Ucode 8.

UHF chips are generally used in luggage tags, clothing tags, asset tags and unmanned storage industries.