Product Name: UHF Fragile Tags


UHF Fragile RFID label is a kind of vulnerable RFID tag designed for anti-tamper and anti-transfer purpose. It consists of self-adhesive backing paper, friable surface paper and middle adhesive layer and RFID antenna layer.

The products are soft and light, easy to paste, the surface adopt breakable paper or friable film, can be printed, can be mass produced and mass printed, but once affixed, then any attempt of peeling off will result in antenna and surface damage, the RFID reading and writing function will be lost, thus achieving the purpose of anti-counterfeiting, anti-transferring.

UHF fragile labels can pack different UHF chips and different UHF antennas, which have different read-write distance and characteristics, but overall, compared with the high-frequency fragile label, the UHF fragile label is with better read distance, faster sensing, stronger anti-collision performance.

It is widely used in valuable goods anti-counterfeiting, traceability, product packaging and other fields.

1.Product Name: UHF fragile label
2.Material: Substrate: breakable paper
     Coating: release paper, friable film/breaking paper
3.Dimension: 86.5*54*mm(customizable)
4.Protocols: ISO18000-6c
5.Frequency: 860~960MHz
6.Chip: NXP G2iL, G2iM, Alien Hig3, Impinj Monza4, Monza5
7.Working Mode: Passive
8.Printing: Offset printing
9.Working Temperature:-25 to+80℃
10.Storage Temperature: -40 to +85 ℃
11.Humidity: 60%~90%

Optional :
1. Wet inlay, dry inlay, label (paper label, PVC label…)
2. Silk-screen printing with logo, color
3. Printing of serial number or barcode
4. 3M adhesive layer
5. Anti-metal layer
6. Chip encoding

Crafts can be customized in accordance with the customer requirements for different products

1. Commodity anti-counterfeiting management
2. Traceability management
3. product packaging
4. supply chain management

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