In our daily life, we often come into contact with NFC-related products, such as cards, bus systems, and access keys. This simple exchange of information can easily give us a sense of satisfaction, just like it would in science fiction novels and movies. So you might be wondering, how do these devices work? What role does NFC tag play in it?

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If you have already begun to consider similar questions, you may just open the door to wisdom. These seemingly advanced information exchange functions actually only require a small NFC tag! It can be posted everywhere to complete simple information transmission. The smart homes currently on the market rely on these principles. In other words, with just a few small stickers, you can enjoy the life changes brought about by technology. Play music, turn lights on and off, and even serve as a promotional tool, NFC tags can help you.

In this article, we will mainly explain the promotional role brought by website NFC tag. Purchase a pack of 30 NTAG215 NFC tags, and when a user touches their phone to the tags, the phone reads the data on the sticker and opens a browser, or takes the person to a special page on your website. There they can get free books. This is undoubtedly a convenient propaganda tool. You can also do:

  1. Write your own rules
  2. Send the scanner’s information to your email or website to create traffic for your website, obtain inquiries and retain customers.
  3. Play music or YouTube videos.
  4. Virtual business card

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What does Website NFC Tag Mean?

A website NFC tag refers to a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag that is embedded within a physical object or placed in a specific location, such as a poster, business card, or sign. NFC technology enables communication between NFC-enabled devices, like smartphones or tablets, and the NFC tag. When an NFC-enabled device is tapped or brought close to the NFC tag, it triggers an action on the device, such as opening a specific website.

website nfc

In the context of websites, an NFC tag can be programmed to contain a website URL. When a user taps their NFC-enabled device on the tag, it automatically opens the designated website on their device’s browser. This technology eliminates the need for manual entry of a URL or scanning a QR code, providing a seamless and instant way to access a website.

Website NFC tags offer businesses and individuals a convenient method to direct users to their website. They can be used for various purposes, such as advertising campaigns, product information, event promotions, or contact details. By placing an NFC tag in a strategic location or distributing NFC-enabled materials, users can effortlessly access the associated website with a simple tap of their device.

Overall, website NFC tags utilize NFC technology to enhance the user experience by providing quick and easy access to websites, eliminating the hassle of manual input or scanning. This technology holds great potential for marketing, customer engagement, and information dissemination, making it an attractive option for businesses and individuals looking to enhance their online presence and connect with their target audience in a streamlined manner.

How do I Make a Website NFC Tag?

To set up your website on an NFC sticker so that customers can open your URL by touching the NFC tag (Here the NFC card contains an NFC chip, and the NFC tag also has the same effect. It only needs to be touched with a mobile phone to achieve it)  with an NFC-enabled mobile phone, follow these steps, You can also perform step-by-step operations based on the video content, which can be made clearer with the text content:

  1. Get an NFC Tag/Sticker: Purchase NFC tags or stickers that are compatible with your requirements. These tags come in various forms, from small stickers to keychains or cards. Ensure that they have enough storage capacity to store the URL of your website.
  1. Program the NFC Tag/Sticker: Use an NFC tag programming tool or smartphone app to program the NFC tag. Several apps are available for both Android and iOS devices, such as NFC Tools, NFC TagWriter, or Trigger. Install a suitable app on your smartphone.
  1. Configure the URL: Open the NFC programming app and follow the instructions to write the URL of your website onto the NFC tag. Input the complete URL, including “http://” or “https://” at the beginning to ensure compatibility with different devices and browsers.
  1. Test the NFC Tag/Sticker: Once you have written the URL, save the programming, and test the NFC tag using an NFC-enabled smartphone. Open the NFC app on your phone, and tap the phone against the NFC tag to ensure it opens the desired website on your phone’s browser.
  1. Prepare your NFC tags for distribution: Once you have tested the NFC tag and ensured it works correctly, you can start preparing your NFC tags for distribution. Attach them to tangible items like business cards, posters, or signs, or distribute them as standalone stickers.
  1. Promote and Distribute: Start promoting your NFC tags to your customers or target audience. Clearly communicate the purpose and benefits of tapping the NFC tag, encouraging them to explore your website conveniently through this interactive method.

Remember to make sure your website is mobile-friendly and optimized for a smooth user experience on various devices and screen sizes. Additionally, provide visual cues like instructional icons or labels on the NFC tags to guide users on how to interact with them.

By following these steps, you can successfully set up an NFC tag/sticker that allows customers to open your website URL by simply touching their NFC-enabled mobile phones to the tag. This innovative and convenient method can enhance customer engagement and make it easier for them to access your website, boosting your online visibility and business opportunities.

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