It is the actual design and batch proof.
Whether the pin and host commands are compatible.
Designed for low power consumption, the average power consumption is as low as 20 nanoamperes (power down mode).
With the same design concept and firmware modules, you can easily move between solutions.
A strong roadmap from evaluation to high volume production.
Can be customized to meet your exact needs.
We provide excellent support in the form of detailed data sheets/user manuals, free software tools, free software examples, low cost development hardware and email, video and Skype engineering support.

You should buy from us because…

The Eccel technology reader used in the end-market products used today has been running 24/7 for the past 10 years without “missing any beat”.
Our expertise and partnerships mean that we can help develop and manufacture complete solutions from “concepts” to finished “end market” products.
We are an NXP authorized developer who gives us access to the latest information and support that is not yet available in the public domain.